TRIBECA Ugly Duck – beer & pizza lab (Rating: 30/40 – Excellent)

Bygmestervej 2, 2400 Copenhagen NV

Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza (quote Dave Berry)

A beautiful selection of Ugly Duck craft beers and pizzas baked in a massive stone oven is good foundation for food and beer pairing! TRIBECA & Ugly Duck has created a beer and pizza lab in the heart of Nord Vest. The atmosphere is relaxing the service is friendly and the concept is great. I went with a nice bitter hazy Ugly Duck Undertoad IPA 7,0% and smoking hot Salsiccia Pizza.

Food:  9/12
Very good menu, the pizza had a fantastic crust, the topping was a bit dull.

Beer: 8/10
A good selection of craft beers, hard to choose. Undertoad IPA had lots of body and flavours – well balanced beer.

Food and Beer pairing: 7/8
Undertoad IPA was an excellent recommendation for this pairing. 

Service: 3/6
Some confusing in the bar, but the kitchen was well organized.

Value for money: 3/4
Pizza Salsiccia: 130 dkk – beer (0,4L): 58 dkk – total: 188 dkk  

Sum: 30/40 (Excellent)

Scoring Guide:
Outstanding (36 – 40)
Excellent (30 – 35)
Very Good (23 – 29)
Good (16 – 22)
Fair (10 – 15)
Problematic (00 – 9)

september 15, 2017

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